Dr Anna Seiderer

Anna Seiderer is a lecturer in the Department of Art at the University of Paris 8/Vincennes, Saint-Denis, researcher at laboratoire Arts des Images et art contemporain [AIAC/EPHA], associated at Laboratoire d’anthropologie des mondes contemporains [LAMC] and member of the editorial board of the journal Slaveries & Post~Slaveries. Her dissertation in aesthetics, supported by the Department of Philosophy of the University of Paris X- Nanterre, the Ecole Africaine du Patrimoine (EPA) and the Centre Africain des Hautes Etudes (CAHE), is on the concept of transmission at work in postcolonial museums in Benin. She worked as a research assistant at the actual Africa Museum, coordinated the European research project on Ethnography Museums and World cultures [RIME] and the artistic research undertaken on the museums’colonial archives. She is co-curator (with Anne-Marie Bouttiaux) of the travelling exhibition Fetish Modernity (2011), co-editor of the eponymous exhibition catalogue and author of Une critique postcoloniale en acte. Les musées d’ethnographie contemporains sous le prisme des études postcoloniales (2014).

Image credit: Zivanai Matangi